<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <module>* list=categorymembers (cm) *
  List all pages in a given category

This module requires read rights
  cmtitle             - Which category to enumerate (required). Must include ' .
				'Category: prefix. Cannot be used together with cmpageid
  cmpageid            - Page ID of the category to enumerate. Cannot be used together with cmtitle
  cmprop              - What pieces of information to include
                         ids           - Adds the page ID
                         title         - Adds the title and namespace ID of the page
                         sortkey       - Adds the sortkey used for sorting in the category (hexadecimal string)
                         sortkeyprefix - Adds the sortkey prefix used for sorting in the category (human-readable part of the sortkey)
                         type          - Adds the type that the page has been categorised as (page, subcat or file)
                         timestamp     - Adds the timestamp of when the page was included
                        Values (separate with '|'): ids, title, sortkey, sortkeyprefix, type, timestamp
                        Default: ids|title
  cmnamespace         - Only include pages in these namespaces
                        Values (separate with '|'): 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
                        Maximum number of values 50 (500 for bots)
  cmtype              - What type of category members to include. Ignored when cmsort=timestamp is set
                        Values (separate with '|'): page, subcat, file
                        Default: page|subcat|file
  cmcontinue          - For large categories, give the value returned from previous query
  cmlimit             - The maximum number of pages to return.
                        No more than 500 (5000 for bots) allowed
                        Default: 10
  cmsort              - Property to sort by
                        One value: sortkey, timestamp
                        Default: sortkey
  cmdir               - In which direction to sort
                        One value: asc, desc, ascending, descending, newer, older
                        Default: ascending
  cmstart             - Timestamp to start listing from. Can only be used with cmsort=timestamp
  cmend               - Timestamp to end listing at. Can only be used with cmsort=timestamp
  cmstartsortkey      - Sortkey to start listing from. Must be given in ' .
				'binary format. Can only be used with cmsort=sortkey
  cmendsortkey        - Sortkey to end listing at. Must be given in binary ' .
				'format. Can only be used with cmsort=sortkey
  cmstartsortkeyprefix - Sortkey prefix to start listing from. Can ' .
				'only be used with cmsort=sortkey. Overrides cmstartsortkey
  cmendsortkeyprefix  - Sortkey prefix to end listing BEFORE (not at, ' .
				'if this value occurs it will not be included!). Can only be used with ' .
				'cmsort=sortkey. Overrides cmendsortkey
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