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DBpedia is clearly a major source contributing to the UMBEL mappings. This contribution comes through DBpedia's URIs and its ontology, as well as extractor scripts and tools.


In all cases, the DBpedia URIs (and links to corresponding Wikipedia articles) should be made.



Here is the rough structure:

Class Instances
Resource (overall) 1,478,000
Place 413,000
Person 312,000
Work 320,000
Species 146,000
Organisation 140,000
Building 33,000

The DBpedia Ontology is provided for download in four parts:

  1. DBpedia Ontology T-BOX (Schema)
  2. DBpedia Ontology RDF type statements (Instance Data)
  3. DBpedia Ontology other A-Box properties (Instance Data, infobox properties)
  4. DBpedia Ontology other A-Box properties (Instance Data, infobox properties (specific))


As of Dec 10, 2010, there were 272 classes in the DBpedia ontology:


See also the Wikipedia Mapping - Download & Prep page.