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These are OPEN (unresolved) notes regarding using and mapping to the Wikipedia structure. There is no priority or real organization to these notes, except by possible sub-headings.

  • Assemble useful major "hubs" or nodes within Wikipedia (see Wikipedia Mapping - Extending the UMBEL Structure) (named "structural hubs")
  • Map to missing 80 DBpedia classes
  • Hussar-Dragoon-Cossack --> Cavalry issue viz UMBEL
  • Template-Class issue in CLEANw-oPg (also, they can be deconstructed for later assignments)
  • Fictional XXX issue
  • Classical XXX issue
  • Probe Wikipedia category structure via CategoryTree, e.g.,:
  • Get listing, see disambiguation qualifiers [e.g., (qualifier)]
  • UMBEL Category --> nearly exact Wikipedia page (even better if category) appears better strategy
    • BauxiteOre --> Bauxite
    • BayCheckspotButterfly --> Bay Checkspot
  • Are we properly splitting CamelCase labels?
  • Christmas Card example:
    • Wikipedia: Stationery --> Greeting Card --> Christmas Card (no Card as class)
    • UMBEL: HardcopyInformationBearingObject --> Card --> GreetingCard --> HolidayCard --> ChristmasCard