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UMBEL v. 0.72 and Prior

Early versions of UMBEL focused on cleaning and migrating OpenCyc concepts, as well as the original philosophy and design behind the project. These material was summarized and documented across versions 0.70 to 0.72. The last update of this archival information occurred in version 0.71.

Ontology Documentation

This first public release of the UMBEL ontology is documented in two volumes:

Other Technical Documentation

This first UMBEL ontology documentation is accompanied by a three-volume series describing the selection and vetting of UMBEL's (then) 20,000 subject concepts from OpenCyc. These three volumes are:

Ontology Files

Files prior to version 1.00 have been moved to archival status. The may be obtained from https://github.com/structureddynamics/UMBEL/releases/tag/older-versions.

Cytoscape Files

Please note that Appendix G in Distilling Subject Concepts from OpenCyc, Vol. 3: Appendices, TR 08-07-16-B3, July 2008, provides installation and use tips for Cytoscape, the open source program used for much of the large-scale UMBEL visualization and analysis. Here is the input file used for this archival analysis:

  • umbel_cytoscape_v080.zip – lists all the nodes and arcs to import into Cytoscape to visualize the UMBEL graph as a pre-prepared input file to Cytoscape.