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This is the generic wiki on UMBEL, its specifications, and all technical documentation regarding its creation, mapping to other ontologies and structures, and use.

UMBEL, short for Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer, is written in SKOS and OWL 2 and is an extracted subset of OpenCyc. UMBEL has two main functions. It is:

  1. An upper ontology of about 35,000 reference concepts, designed to provide a common grounding for relating different ontologies or schema to one another, and
  2. A vocabulary for aiding ontology and data mapping, including expressions of likelihood relationships distinct from exact identity or equivalence. This vocabulary is also designed for interoperating amongst various domain ontologies.

This wiki is the effort of Structured Dynamics LLC, which holds rights to all content and materials herein.

At present, there are 92 articles under 20 categories on this wiki. Another 31 images support this content.

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