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<div style="text-align: center"><small>Copyright © 2009-2012 by Structured Dynamics LLC and Ontotext AD.</small></div>
<div style="text-align: center"><small>Copyright © 2009-2012 by Structured Dynamics LLC and Ontotext AD.</small></div>

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UMBEL Annex A: Listing of Linked External Ontologies

UMBEL Annex Document - 21 May 2012

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$Date: 2012/5/21 16:28:36 $
Version No.: 1.05
Michael Bergman - Structured Dynamics
Frédérick Giasson - Structured Dynamics

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UMBEL: Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer by Structured Dynamics LLC and Ontotext AD is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. See the attribution section for how to cite the effort.

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Copyright © 2009-2012 by Structured Dynamics LLC and Ontotext AD.


This is a list of the external ontologies classes that are linked to UMBEL reference concepts. This list will evolve over time and the RDF/N3 serialization document will be updated at this URL: https://github.com/structureddynamics/UMBEL/tree/master/External%20Ontologies. Note that the current linkages are partial.


UMBEL version 1.05 (both 'core' and 'geo' modules) has active and vetted linkages to:

  • OpenCyc version 3.0 - 27,923 classes
  • DBpedia version 3.51 - 257 DB Ontology classes; 16,884 direct mappings from RefConcepts to categories and pages (umbel:correspondsTo); links to 2,130,021 unique DBpedia pages, 876,125 of which with a specific type
  • PROTON - 444 classes
  • GeoNames - 671 features
  • schema.org - 298 types.


Note: Mappings to the ontologies below may no longer work in part and may have some other issues !!!

Up to version 0.80, mappings with the following ontologies were kept current. Because UMBEL's RefConcept identifiers have been kept constant, these earlier mappings may still work.

Future releases will update mappings to the active and relevant ontologies below.

Following is a listing of other external ontologies linked to UMBEL and their specific reference concept mappings.

BIBO (the Bibliographic Ontology)

  • rc:Article_PCW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Article
  • rc:rcholarlyArticle owl:equivalentClass bibo:AcademicArticle
  • rc:VideoConceptualWork owl:equivalentClass bibo:AudioVisualDocument
  • rc:Bill_ProposedLaw owl:equivalentClass bibo:Bill
  • rc:Patent owl:equivalentClass bibo:Patent
  • rc:InstructionalWork owl:equivalentClass bibo:Manual
  • rc:Letter_CW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Letter
  • rc:WrittenReportOnSituation_CW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Report
  • rc:Movie_CW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Film
  • rc:Map owl:equivalentClass bibo:Map
  • rc:Manurcript_CW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Manurcript
  • rc:Slideshow_CW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Slideshow
  • rc:Slide_CW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Slide
  • rc:Chapter_PCW owl:equivalentClass bibo:Chapter
  • rc:Hearing_LegalProceeding owl:equivalentClass bibo:
  • rc:Conference owl:equivalentClass bibo:Conference
  • rc:PeriodicalSeries owl:equivalentClass bibo:Periodical
  • rc:JournalSeries owl:equivalentClass bibo:Journal
  • rc:NewspaperSeries owl:equivalentClass bibo:Newspaper
  • rc:MagazineSeries owl:equivalentClass bibo:Magazine
  • rc:WorkshopConference umbel:isAligned bibo:Workshop

FOAF (Friend-of-a-Friend Ontology)

  • rc:Person owl:equivalentClass foaf:Person
  • rc:Agent_Generic owl:equivalentClass foaf:Agent
  • rc:MultiIndividualAgent_Intelligent owl:equivalentClass foaf:Group
  • rc:Organization owl:equivalentClass foaf:Organization
  • rc:InternetService owl:equivalentClass foaf:OnlineAccount

RSS 1.0 (Really Simple Syndicate Ontology)

  • rc:List_Information owl:equivalentClass rss:channel

SIOC (Socially Interlinked Online Communities Ontology)

  • rc:MessageThread owl:equivalentClass sioc:Thread
  • rc:ComputerBulletinBoard owl:equivalentClass sioc:Forum
  • rc:UserAccountGroup owl:equivalentClass sioc:Usergroup

GEO WGS84 (Geo wgs84 Ontology)

CC (Creative Commons Ontology)

  • rc:CopyrightLicense owl:equivalentClass cc:License

EVENT (Event Ontology)

  • rc:Event owl:equivalentClass event:Event

PO (Programme Ontology)

  • rc:Broadcasting owl:equivalentClass po:Broadcast
  • rc:BroadcastMediaProduct owl:equivalentClass po:Programme
  • rc:BroadcastSeriesProduct owl:equivalentClass po:Series
  • rc:RadioStation_Organization owl:equivalentClass po:Radio

MO (Music Ontology)

  • rc:MusicPerformanceAgent owl:equivalentClass mo:MusicArtist
  • rc:MusicalPerformer owl:equivalentClass mo:SoloMusicArtist
  • rc:Band_MusicGroup owl:equivalentClass mo:MusicGroup
  • rc:RecordedSoundProduct owl:equivalentClass mo:Record
  • rc:MusicTrack owl:equivalentClass mo:Track
  • rc:Multi_MovementComposition owl:equivalentClass mo:Movement
  • rc:AudioConceptualWork owl:equivalentClass mo:MusicalWork
  • rc:Sound owl:equivalentClass mo:Sound
  • rc:MusicalPerformance owl:equivalentClass mo:Performance
  • rc:InformationRecordingProcess owl:equivalentClass mo:Recording


  • rc:ConceptualWork owl:equivalentClass frbr:Work
Copyright © 2009-2012 by Structured Dynamics LLC and Ontotext AD.