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UMBEL Annex I: Mapping

UMBEL Annex Document - 20 April 2015

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$Date: 2015/4/20 14:28:36 $
Version No.: 1.20
TR 12-5-21-I
Michael Bergman - Structured Dynamics
Frédérick Giasson - Structured Dynamics

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UMBEL: Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer by Structured Dynamics LLC is provided under the
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Beginning with UMBEL version 1.20, statistics regarding numbers of reference concepts (RCs) in the ontology and splits between SuperTypes (STs) and modules have been moved to the statistics Annex Z document. As a result, earlier statistics in this and other annexes are no longer being updated, which means any statistics cited below may be out of date. Please consult Annex Z for the current UMBEL statistics.
Please see current mappings for the latest version available.


This document describes the mapping of UMBEL to and documents resulting changes to UMBEL and recommended uses for these mappings. These changes occurred in conjunction with the preparation and release of UMBEL version 1.05. is a collection of schema (usable as HTML tags) that webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search providers. was first developed and organized by the major search engines of Bing, Google and Yahoo!; later Yandex joined as a sponsor. Now many groups are supporting and contributing vocabularies and schema.[1]

This mapping was undertaken for UMBEL because of the prominence of the supporters of and its rapid uptake as a means of describing entities with structured data.


298 entity types in have now been mapped to UMBEL.

To achieve this mapping, it was necessary to add three new concepts to UMBEL from OpenCyc, and to add a further 78 new reference concepts to UMBEL.

At this point, properties within the structure have not been mapped to UMBEL. These mappings are being reserved for a later date when the Attributes SuperType is planned to be updated for UMBEL.

Added OpenCyc Concepts

Three existing OpenCyc concepts were added for these mappings, as shown under the Identifier column for their respective Parent Class concepts:

Identifier Label Parent Class OpenCyc URI
Gallery-ArtDisplayOrganization Art Gallery EntertainmentBusiness
Event-Localized Local Event Events
InformationCenter Information Center InformationProvidingOrganization

Added UMBEL Concepts

Another 78 new reference concepts were also added to UMBEL. These are listed below with their preferred labels, assigned parent class, and definition:

Identifier Label Parent Class Definition
AboutPage About Page WebPage_CW An 'about page' on the Web
AdultEntertainment Adult Services Entertainment_service_company An services organization specializing in adult services or entertainment
AggregateOffer Aggregate Offering OfferingForSale An aggregate offering for sale
AggregateRating Aggregate Rating SocialQuantity A combined, aggregate rating for a social service or event
AutomotiveBusiness Automotive Business Business A business oriented to automobiles or other road vehicles
BlogPosting Blog Posting OnlineArticle A Web log 'blog' posting
CatholicChurch Catholic Church CatholicOrganization A Catholic house of worship or church
CheckoutPage Checkout Page WebPage_CW An ecommerce check out Web page
ChildrensEvent Childrens Event SocialOccurrence A children's event
CollectionPage Collection Page WebPage_CW A web page that is a collection of similar items
ContactPage Contact Page WebPage_CW A web page that provides contacts for the site owner or organization
Crematorium Crematorium Facility_Construct A furnace or establishment for the incineration of corpse
DaySpa Day Spa Beauty_CosmeticsOrganization A day spa for beauty or health purposes
DefenceEstablishment Defense Establishment MilitaryFacility A defense establishment, such as a navy base or grounds
DryCleaningOrLaundry Dry Cleaner Business A dry cleaning or laundry business
Electrician Electrician ConstructionRepairOrMaintenanceOrganization An establishment that does installation or service of electrical wiring or equipment
ElectronicsStore Electronics Store RetailStore An electronics retail store
EmploymentAgency Employment Agency EmploymentOrganization An employment agency
FoodEvent Food Event SocialOccurrence An event related to food or eating
GatedResidenceCommunity Gated Community ResidentialBuilding A residential community accessed via a gated entrance
HealthClub Health Club Beauty_CosmeticsOrganization A health club for exercise or massage treatment
HobbyShop Hobby Store RetailStore A retail store that sells hobby supplies
HomeGoodsStore Home Goods Store RetailStore A retail store that sells home goods
Hostel Hostel LodgingOrganization An establishment that provides cheap food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers
HousePainter House Painter ConstructionRepairOrMaintenanceOrganization A home painting construction, repair or maintenance service
HVACBusiness HVAC Business ConstructionRepairOrMaintenanceOrganization An HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) contruction, repair or maintenance service
ImageGallery Image Gallery WebPage_CW A web page with a gallery of images
ItemAvailability Item Availability ArtifactType Availability status of a particular item
ItemPage Item Page WebPage_CW A web page that displays a listing of items
JewelryStore Jewelry Store RetailStore A retail store that sells jewelry
LiteraryEvent Literary Event Events An event related to literature, literacy or reading
Locksmith Locksmith ConstructionRepairOrMaintenanceOrganization A locksmith construction, repair or maintenance service
MediaObject Media Object ConceptualWork A conceptual work comprised of any kind of media object
MensClothingStore Mens Clothing Store ClothingStore A retail store that sells men's clothing
MobilePhoneStore Mobile Phone Store RetailStore A retail store that sells mobile phones
Motel Motel LodgingOrganization A roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside
MotorcycleDealer Motorcycle Dealer AutoDealership A dealership that specializes in selling motorcycles
MotorcycleRepair Motocycle Repair AutoRepairShop A repair shop that specializes in motorcycles
MovieRentalStore Movie Rental Store RetailStore A retail store that sells or rents movies, CDs or DVDs
MusicStore Music Store RetailStore A retail store that sells music (albums, CDs, DVDs), sheet music or musical instruments
MusicVenue Music Venue Event-Localized An event related to a music performance
NailSalon Nail Salon Beauty_CosmeticsOrganization A store location that provides nail manicures and treatments
NutritionInformation Nutrition Information ProductLabel A structured listing of nutritional information related to food contents
OfferItemCondition Offer Item Condition ArtifactType An item offered for sale, trade or barter
PawnShop Pawn Shop RetailStore A retail store that sells or holds pawned items
ProfilePage Profile Page WebPage_CW A web page that provides a profile of a given user or product
Rating Rating SocialQuantity A positive or negative rating provided by a user of a service or good
RecyclingCenter Recycling Center ServiceOrganization An organization specializing in recycling items, generally trash
RoofingContractor Roofing Contractor ConstructionRepairOrMaintenanceOrganization A roofing construction, repair or maintenance service
RVPark RV Park LeisureFacility A leisure facility at which recreation vehicles (RVs) park for overnight or longer
SaleEvent Sale Event SalesActivity An event related to sales or discounted sales
SearchResultsPage Search Results Page WebPage_CW A web page that provides a listing of search engine results
SelfStorage Self Storage StorageOrganization A facility dedicated for storing items by a user
SingleFamilyResidence Single Family Residence ResidentialBuilding A standalone residence for a single family
SiteNavigationElement Site Navigation Element WebPage_CW A portion of a web page that provides site navigation assistance (such as tree, dropdown list or menu)
SportsClub Sports Club SportsOrganization A club organized for a sports-related purpose
Table Web Table WebPage_CW A portion of a web page that provides a tabular display of data
TaxiStand Taxi Stand TransportFacility A specific location for hailing or seeking a taxi service
TireShop Tire Shop RetailStore A retail store that sells or services tires
TouristInformationCenter Tourist Information Center InformationCenter An information center at which tourist or travel information is provided (brochures, maps, directions, guidances, etc)
ToyStore Toy Store RetailStore A retail store that sells children's toys
TVSeason TV Season CalendarSeasonType A season (generally less than one year) of a television series
UserBlocks User Blocks ComputerUserInteraction A specific area for users to enter information for interacting with a computer
UserCheckins User Checkins ComputerUserInteraction A check in box for users to interact with a computer
UserComments User Comments ComputerUserInteraction User interaction that is a comment about an item
UserDownloads User Downloads ComputerUserInteraction User interaction that involves downloading an item
UserLikes User Likes ComputerUserInteraction User interaction in which a user indicates a liking or preference (positive or negative) about an item
UserPageVisits Page Visits ComputerUserInteraction User interaction consisting of a visit to a particular web page
UserPlays User Plays ComputerUserInteraction User interaction consisting of a play count of an item, for example a video or a song
UserPlusOnes User Plus Ones ComputerUserInteraction User interaction in which a user indicates a positive liking or preference for an item denoted with a +1 mark
UserTweets User Tweets ComputerUserInteraction User interaction in which a user tweets (140 character mas) a message; generally associated with the Twitter service
VeterinaryCare Veterinary Care MedicalCareOrganization A medical care facility specializing in animals or pets
VideoGallery Video Gallery WebPage_CW A web page with a gallery of videos
WebPageElement Web Page Element WebPage_CW A web page element; specifically, any HTML or JavaScript or similar element
WPAdBlock Web Ad Block WebPage_CW An ad block on a web page
WPFooter Web Page Footer WebPage_CW A footer portion (such as a copyright or standard links) of a web page
WPHeader Web Page Header WebPage_CW A header portion (such as a masthead) of a web page
WPSideBar Web Page Side Banner WebPage_CW A side bar portion (vertical listing) on either side of a web page

Choice of Mapping Predicate

This is a standard UMBEL mapping (see Annex F), so the subClassOf mapping predicate was used.


There are two recommended uses for these mappings:

  1. Existing users may wish to use UMBEL reference concepts to expand their entity relationships or relate to other third-party sources
  2. UMBEL users may employ the mappings to retrieve entity and attribute information from external sources.



  1. may be found at The site lists its various contributing schema and also provides an OWL ontology.
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