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Here are key open issues, to be addressed in subsequent versions (1.x) of UMBEL:
Further development of UMBEL has been ended in favor of the efforts surrounding the [http://kbpedia.com/KBpedia KBpedia knowledge structure] initiative...
=== Basic UMBEL Improvements ===
* <s>Add the new <code>correspondsTo</code> or <code>mapsTo</code> predicate: Represents the best (nearly <code>sameAs</code> if not actually <code>sameAs</code>) manually vetted match between UMBEL and Wikipedia</s>
* Extend and refine the disjoint overlaps between existing SuperTypes (STs)
* Remove the Workplace ST in UMBEL and its consolidation with the Facility ST
=== GeoNames ===
* <s>The GeoNames class mappings have not been published; they have yet to be tested for consistency and satisfiability</s>
* Map the existing GeoNames <--> Cyc matches to Wikipedia; add any missing concepts to UMBEL RCs
* <s>Create a separate umbel-g ontology module to capture and accommodate the geopolitical entities</s>
* Link the GeoNames-DBpedia instances based on this mapping; assign <code>rdf:type</code> as appropriate
=== Extend and Improve Wikipedia Linkages ===
* Update to DBpedia v. 3.6; repeat all scripts and existing mappings
* Do SV analysis (including single pages) for the remaining 11033 RCs (already 16884 of the 27917 are mapped) and make an assignment for them
* For new assignments based on individual pages, find (if it exists) any eponymous Wikipedia categories for those pages for treatment like other Wikipedia category <--> RC matches
* Based on the above, work out a methodology and propagate Wikipedia instances around key <code>correspondsTo</code> predicates<ref>See as a possible methodology springboard, Prateek Jain, Peter Z. Yeh, Kunal Verma, Reymonrod G. Vasquez, Mariana Damova, Pascal Hitzler and Amit P. Sheth, 2010. "Contextual Ontology Alignment of LOD with an Upper Ontology: A Case Study with Proton," technical report submitted for publication; see http://knoesis.wright.edu/library/download/prateek_tech_report_2010.pdf.</ref>
* Refine and transition of many of the <code>relatedToXXX</code> predicate assignments to full <code>rdf:type</code>
* Extend the class mappings between UMBEL reference concepts and Wikipedia instances
=== Better Metadata Characterizations ===
* Transfer of deconstructed Wikipedia category metadata to instance characterizations
* Evaluation, consolidation and metadata transfer from the Wikipedia infobox attributes to instances
=== More Mappings ===
* Re-establishment of the earlier linkages shown in the prior Annex A to the UMBEL Specifications (mappings to FOAF, SIOC, MO, PO, etc)
* Establishment of linkages to new LOD cloud vocabularies and ontologies
=== Web Services, Related ===
* Update the existing [http://umbel.structureddynamics.com/ UMBEL Web service] to the new structure
* Create a vocabulary and modification facility (including CRUD, with permissions; see this [http://demo.citizen-dan.org/conStruct/browse Citizen Dan example]) on the UMBEL Web site
* Create a Web service for tagging submitted content with UMBEL, including RDFa option
== Endnotes ==
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Further development of UMBEL has been ended in favor of the efforts surrounding the KBpedia knowledge structure initiative...